High Summer

We are up here, blowing in the cold wind on the warmest day of the year, by our own hands.

Abolishing disease is great, something to celebrate cerebrally. But today, we’re speaking to the lizard brain: look around, make a call, and leave a message:

We build mountains!

We don’t always live up to our potential. But if you ever doubt our potential, remember this. We are the ones who build mountains.

-excerpts from my plans for a speech for High Summer

Welcome back to my blog, now moved to a dedicated site for a renewed focus on holiday crafting and secular, individualist, rationalist ritual.

My next plan is a slightly refined older design I never tested out: High Summer. In line with the wheel of the year schema, this belongs in mid-August, when Celts had Luggasnadh. Its message is the potential of humanity, as we have already demonstrated it, and a reminder of what we are capable of in the future. Its expected emotion is awe. Its medium for those is simple: feel the wind on your face from a tall, open-air place, one that is entirely man-made. Notice and remember, viscerally, that we have built mountains.

I am actively looking for a location in the middle Bay (SF/Oakland, presumably) to host this. The SF POPOS law says that all the rooftop decks should be free to the public for this kind of purpose, but it’s not enforced at all so I’ll probably have to pay money for it. I probably don’t need more than a couple other people to run the event, but a couple would probably be very helpful.

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